Yael Zahavy-Mittelman - Artist's Statment

Blue, lots of blue, deep and thick that surrounds two figures.  The figures form a connection by the flow and strength of colors, red, yellow, orange....

The strength of colors, shapes, and lines is the core of my artwork.  My paintings express the power of touch, connection as well as aloneness and sorrow.  Coming from a country such as Israel, these paintings bring my journey of searching for identity through very strong emotional reactions to my art process.  That process combines elements of death and life-forming, war verses the need for peace and serenity, and a search for religious identity.

I consider my paintings as "gut creations." They come from inside and form on their own on the canvas.  There is a strong connection between the paintings and my inner powers.

My primary painting instrument is the palette knife. However, by using my hands, kitchen wipes, cardboard and sponges as well, I have the feeling of reliving childhood experiences.

Being an artist and an art therapist, art accompanies me through the different paths of life.  It keeps changing, moving in diffrent directions, sometimes frustrating or sad, and in times it becomes deeper in meaning and gives me better insight into the cycle of my life process.

I believe in that creative process that keeps changing my life's perceptions over and over, clarifying my life's perspectives.  As long as I continue to believe in that process, and I am candid with it, I hope the viewer of my art will sense the sincerity by experiencing part of my process.

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